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The MaCLand programme

The MaCLand concept:

MaCLand is a European university training truly original and unique worldwide thanks to both its global approach and its methodology applied to current international development issues, as well as to sustainable management of territories for and through heritage or cultural landscape.

Jean Monnet is believed to have said that if he should launch into building the Europe Union, he would do it through culture. The increased level of interest for territorial development, for heritage or cultural landscape – an all-encompassing international concept - proves him right.  Indeed, whereas for two centuries, heritage has been linked to nations and their history, today, heritage - cultural landscape in all its meanings – is entering a new era by increasingly looking outwards.  European heritage – which by no means is limited to a collection of national properties, an album of remarkable and listed sites, a body of know-how - has paradoxical characteristics (unity and plurality, memory and creative present, identity and cultural “melting-pot”…) which, whilst making it unique, also makes it attractive to Europeans and even more for non-Europeans who can find it it ground for reflexion and answers to their own heritage questioning.

Cultural landscape (and its management) not only reveals the past and the evolution of a country, the relationships between men and environment, but it also provides economic, ecological and social opportunities which help mankind live together more harmoniously.  Inadequate development, lack of knowledge (e.g. overlooking the link between culture and environment), combined with unfortunate short-term decision making, have damaged, even destroyed, our cultural landscape.


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