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Registration fees

For the whole MACLAND course (2 years), registration fees are:

  • 15 000 euros for non EU students (7500 euros per year)
  • 8 000 euros for EU students (4000 euros per year)

NEW!!! Thanks to our sponsors “Scholarships for registration fees" are automatically deducted from the registration fees to selected students.

The registration fees are 3600 euros per year for non- EU students (after deduction of 3900 euros) and 2100 euros for European students (after deduction of 1900 euros)

See “Financial help

The fees cover all courses, including languages courses. The registration fees also include academic resources and services (such as free access to the libraries) of the three universities.

The fees do not cover travel cost from country of origin, visa, travel cost between each semester, accommodation, living expenses, course books, students associations costs, etc..

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